Black beauties of Longpi village

On the banks of the river in a village called Longpi in Manipur, potters collect special Serpentinite, a weathered black stone and brown clay to create exquisite black pottery that’s one of a kind - yes, Longpi Hampai, is truly unique.

Unlike other potters, potters of Longpi do not use the conventional potter’s wheel. These pots are shaped by hand and then polished. After being dried in the sun, the pottery is baked in a bonfire for six days.

The process is totally manual and laborious. No machinery nor power is used. However, this is not an attractive craft to the younger generation - so it’s only the older women who continue this tradition and this legacy may soon wane.

What’s interesting is, Longpi pots are ideal to slow cook food, and are 100 % biodegradable and microwave-safe; they can be used on the gas stove as well as firewood

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