21 reasons why DesignLuv’s brand of the month is IKKIS


“IKKIS' design philosophy is two fold. Firstly, the brand's products are a reinterpretation of classical Indian objects. Secondly, IKKIS is deeply embedded in Indian craft and materiality, which conjure a sense of tradition unique to India.”

The “House of Things” has a truly 21st Century approach. What’s not to love, when a brand reveres the classic, keeps pace with the contemporary and goes global while promoting what’s local?

Truly, the classical form of heritage craft like kullar (cutting-chai glass serving pot) or paraat (open utensil to knead dough) find expression as 21st-century design objects which evoke the essence of the rituals and way of living in ancient Indian history.

Gunjan’s collection evokes excitement at the Maison & Objet in Paris earlier this year which shows the importance of Indian heritage craft which can be presented in the international market with a creative dimension added to it.

The IKKIS collection consists of kitchenware close to Indian tradition and most of them are even till date used in daily life. Here are the major ones which highlight the collection.

1. Contemporary in form, yet inherently Indian at its core—Ikkis, a home decor brand founded by Gunjan Gupta, effortlessly melds the traditional with the modern. DesignLuv applauds this philosophy.

2. Ikkis is a brand that is focused towards re-interpreting mainstream objects that are universal for utility, function and everyday living.

3. The IKKIS collection consists of kitchenware close to Indian tradition and most of these quotidian utensils are even used till date in daily Indian life.

4. An artistic vision incorporating indigenous materials, skills, and narratives into sculptural objects that are symbolic of contemporary India and fall under the collectible design category.

5. IKKIS is about curated interiors for inspired living.

6. IKKIS UNLIMITED features Objects whose refreshed vocabulary infuse beauty, ease and character into the everyday.

7. A layered approach offers stackability and versatility, keys to contemporary living.

8. DesignLuv admires IKKIS for its true connoisseurship and its collecting with an instinct to preserve.

9. DesignLuv appreciates IKKIS Classical forms that find expression as 21st-century design objects.

10. Embedded in indigenous craft and materiality and offered in two collections – Unlimited and Limited – each evoke a memory or ritual iconic to India.

11. Aesthetics and utility reinterpret classical Indian forms, distinguished by craftsmanship and collaboration.

12. Working with makers of regional craft creates a precious flow of provenance and skill.

13. Explorations unearth an approach that is rooted in a deep respect for material and technique. This is in line with DesignLuv’s approach to appreciating design aesthetics wherever they are.

14. ‘IKKIS’ translates from Hindi to mean ‘21’, a number eternally significant and symbolic in matters both physical and spiritual. It’s no coincidence that sequence, modularity, and symmetry informs how we design for 21st-century contemporary living.

15. Founder & Creative Director Gunjan Gupta’s body of work continues to engage India’s inimitable paradoxes through presences at private collections and museums worldwide including Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, Triennale di Milano and Sotheby’s, London.

16. With IKKIS, her practice evolves to include a larger community of makers to develop a global offering, rooted in distinct Indian rituals or utility, whilst balancing her belief in heritage with her whimsical side.

17. With IKKIS Limited series, her intention is to work collaboratively with master craftsmen on equal footing.

18. Home Decor Items: Gunjan Gupta’s new brand Ikkis turns ordinary objects into works of art.

19. Contemporary in form, yet inherently Indian at its core—Ikkis, the new home decor items brand by Gunjan Gupta, effortlessly melds traditional and the modern.

20. With a belief that bringing Indian crafts and décor accessories to the international stage is all about going beyond the ‘Made in India’ tag, Gunjan Gupta, the founder of IKKIS has a vision of a different kind. She gives common objects in the Indian tradition a makeover which is for the world to admire.

21. To stay true to tradition and be relevant to several generations in the 21st Century is no mean feat - DesignLuv salutes this spirit and artistic adventure.