Huge and Heavy, Antique
Crib Goes Contemporary

Here it was, a crib of about 100 years
maybe? 4 generations or more had
used it.
It was occupying a lot of space.
It was old. Unused, since all babies were
now young adults themselves and
no one had extra spaces to store it.
But, it was from the old ancestral home
in Kerala. An heirloom that carried in
it and with it beautiful memories and
priceless associations. Can it be sold
or given away?

Enter, a friend who cared about antiques.
Her practical suggestions called for drastic
action. Break up the crib and transform it
to usable furniture.

And so, the crib converted to 2 large
low seaters. The railing gate became
the back of a ladder-back dining chair.

The low seaters became preferred
seating to the young and old.
The ladder-back odd chair added
character to the family dining table.
Grandma’s crib and heirloom has
pride of place now – and a waiting
list that wants to take it home now!

Thanks to


for the crib, the
opportunity to
upcycle and
enjoying the
transformation for
2 decades now.