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D-Studio is a full-service design company that believes in engaging with clients in partnerships born of trust and mutual understanding.

To put it simply, here is what we bring to the table – years of collective experience in designing and executing on the dreams and needs of a vast and diverse clientele. Be it homes large or small, workspaces, shops and large public buildings, learning spaces or leisure areas, thematic event décor or celebratory ambiance, we have a rich and robust portfolio that tells one simple story - a tale of customer delight. Each time and every time.

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How do we do what we do? Again, it’s simple. We listen. We observe. We pay attention to details. No casual comment from a client is trivial, no suggestion is silly. We respect the fact that our clients know their need and nurture a vision or dream. Our sessions with them are friendly, receptive & indulges in intense conversation. Sessions that establish the spirit of partnership and rapport to bring out the best creativity while staying true to functional needs. Our job is very simple , to translate elements of design & aesthetics which comes to us from years of experience , vast & rise exposure. Hence staying in touch with the trends, remaining rooted in fundamentals and an innate elegance in the expression of style and balance, form & function makes us stand out of the crowd. After all we are creating living spaces that need to reflect and vibe with the nature, persona and business of the owners.

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Residential/ Commercial


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”Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.“

Steve Jobs


Though each project is unique, we have a established a 6 step process that ensures your project is completed on time


    Either refurbishment or newly built, the first step and the most crucial – is to take measurements of the space and propose a layout as true to scale incorporating form and function. Providing the best opportunity for efficient spatial experience is the goal of this stage.


    Given that each project has different circumstances, at this stage we ideate– creatively working on the look & feel of the spaces within the stated client requirements. New ideas & optimum solutions are the main outcomes of this stage.


    Several layers of design are usually required to turn the initial concept into a mature design. Material engineering, electro mechanical and other services are coordinated at this stage to deliver a well-studied project.


    This stage is when the full packages of Construction Documents and detailed specification sheets are prepared according to the design and each FF&E item is well documented with its full references.


    Preparing request for tender and procurement sets the parameters and qualities required to execute our design as perfectly as possible. This stage is done according to project’s budget, location and desired schedule.


    Design & build model is intended to be a highly collaborative, fully integrated process. Focused on value engineering, we create new innovative and cost effective solutions that save money without compromising the integrity of the design or quality of the project.

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D’Studio / Interni Instal Pvt Ltd.(IIPL)
32, Raja St, Valmiki Nagar, Raja
Garden, Kottivakkam, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu-600041

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Our design & build capability means you can have a one stop shop solution with one point of contact to manage your project delivery.

Call a member of our friendly team on +91 7010925008 or 91-44-48656190 for further information.