Hunting for the humble ‘Kalchatti’ or stone pot of our grandmoms’, it’s a pleasant shock to see many stoneware items actually ‘sold out’! So why this hunt, now, in the 21st Century Tech Yuga? Why back to stone from Teflon and Banned-lons? As always, late realisation and frenzied return to roots. Yes. Granny’s stoneware is trending now. And God bless the moms and aunts who had the courtesy or foresight to pay attention to their moms and aunts and grannies.

Stoneware needs preparation before you place it on heat - unless you want a scary cracked pot event.You wash it and fill it with water used to wash rice - the white gruelly water you get as you clean rice. Once it has cured overnight, oil and dry it. Your Kalchatti or stone pot can be used to make the tastiest curries ever. What’s fascinating, is these pots retain heat so well, your gravies continue to boil for a while even when taken off the stove.

Go for stone. It's safe and free of toxins.

Stoneware is Global & curing methods can be simpler or similar.