In conversation with Shri Narasimha Achariyar:


Dr. M.V. Narasimha Silpachariyar

How or why did you choose to study sculpture?

It was a divine gift and God's Grace.
I came from an Illustrious, unbroken lineage of Traditional Architects &Sculptor who have contributed the famous temple of “Sri Sankara Narayanar” at Sankaran Koil in Thirunelveli District. My father was a renowned Sthapathy who also served in Tirupati, Sri Sailam, Thiruthani and Sholingapuram temples and was well honoured for his magnificent services.My Father was the first “guru”, who taught me the secrets of Vaastu silpa sastra in my childhood. With his blessings, I have learned many secrets of Vaastu silpa sastras. My second guru was “Silpaguru” & “Padma Bhushan” Dr.V. Ganapathi Sthapathi. The grace of my gurus has guided me on my chosen path.

What are the course available?

There are various courses – including sculpting in stone, wood, stucco, metal along with painting and Architecture.

How does your artistic process start?

We conform to the conventions of Silpa Sastra.

Typically how long does it take to complete a piece of sculpture?

Depends upon the work, it takes time. We estimate an commit time based on each piece and its detailing.

What materials do you work with?

Stone, wood, stucco and metal are the materials used for sculpting.

Do you make wall murals in stone?

We do have a team of trained persons, but we don't have any opportunities, as of now, for wall murals or paintings.

Do you travel out on assignments?

We have separate work yard for making the sculpture, and travel outside for assembling and building the Temples.

Watch this space to understand vaasthu and orientation for harmonious spaces. Silpachariar Narasimha will lead us through traditional approaches to Vastu and Orientation for positive energy flow.

Understanding placement of sculpture and what to watch out for when we acquire sculpture and idols for home or office. Wait for a case study on how a simple ritual can make such a difference to your space. Coming soon, in our Vaasthu series. Coming soon

Silpachariyar Narasimha belongs to the illustrious lineage of Viswakarma, the divine sculptor and architect and is proud of his traditional roots and ancestral skills. Having acquired several academic degrees across diverse subjects such as epigraphy, manuscriptology etc that allied to his area of interest, the art and science of sculpture and traditional architecture, the Silpachariyar focuses on teaching and practising his many skills honed by the best in the field.

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