Interiors Trend

Handloom has always been a great leveler.

     It brings in exquisite art created by exceptionally skilledcraftsmen  in their humble abodes into our exquisite spaces or wardrobes with not  even an iota of dissonance.

This season we bring in the craft of Bhuj Pochampally and Varanasi in forms of ikat and brocades and Tanchoi and extra weft in a warm neutral palette.

The neutral tones of the nature imbibed in the classic patterns that lend any space a calm and a definition that is not intrusive but very harmonious with surroundings.

A way to bring in the earth soil sand and the water.

Familiarity of patterns rendered in an unexpected palette is the way to go in interiors. Quite and Rooted.

Manish Saksena

Lead : Aadyam Handwoven An Aditya Birla Initiative All images are the property of Aadyam Handwoven Team D’Studio is grateful to Manish Saksena, our friend in Design for his ongoing association and contribution to our DesignLuv initiatives.

“Colors that communicate a discreet winter feel of a foggy day or a soothing sun. A symbiotic existence”

The pandemic has given us a new way of re -imagining the inside as outside.