How do we use gym interior design to set up a fitness facility that elevates wellness experience and improve people’s quality of life?

The thoughtful use of innovative materials and lighting, intelligent layout floor details, the language of colour and elements of BIOPHILIC design all work together to maximise the wellness experience and also helps to keep the vibe pleasant and positive. A successful fitness and gym design concept requires particular attention with regards to space arrangement. Each space and it’s users have unique needs; therefore, each design scheme should provide the best possible environment that’s functional, safe, efficient and comfortable.

COLOUR PSYCHOLOGY plays a significant role in creating an impressive and dynamic setting — the use of fresh, energising colours are perfect for high adrenaline zones and more subtle tones to create calm and tranquil zones. Vibrant colours like YELLOW create visual energy that helps clients to power through high-energy and intense workouts. Cardio exercise is also augmented by bright hues. Yellow increases the feelings of joy, cheerfulness and enthusiasm and creates an environment fitting for holistic workouts This design takes inspiration from the best engineering marvel made of hexagons - the beehive. What better concept for a space where like minded people convene for healthy and relaxing activities!


Hexagons are nature’s perfect shape, it’s one of the most stable structures in nature and they naturally pop up everywhere. The most familiar is the honeycomb.


Hexagons of any size can fit together without gaps and can be arranged together in infinite patterns and styles--like this great gym wall and ceiling design. Crafted out of precision cut panels, colour coordinated to perfection and backlit for a great balance of energy that’s stimulating and calming all at once .

Contemporary Stylish

Colour Psychology- Yellow


Colour meets Pattern