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Meet Ms. KIRTIDA SHAH , A Chennai based Tera Mai Reiki Grand Master, healer & teacher with over 25 years of practice. Being passionate about various healing techniques,she enjoys sharing her knowledge .

Each colour has a different vibration and energy. It affects you on the emotional level. Some colors are considered to be stimulating, whereas others may be soothing .Colors may impact one’s energy level, mood, appetite, emotions and decision- making.

In Tele-conversation with Ms Kirtida Shah, DesignLuv presents a gist of an informative chat.

The Impact of Colours on individuals

Most healers would agree, colours do have an impact on us . In and around us, in every area of our life. colours can affect us on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes.
Since we all exist in all 4 states all the time, illness also can be attributed to a disturbance in any one plane, although the effect may be seen in other planes as well.

On being asked what colour would she choose for her consulting room, Ms Kirtida Shah said

“For my healing room, I will either pick up white or violet, particularly light violet colour. Because white is very calming, and stands for peace and it has actually all the seven colours within it.

Violet colour or purple stimulates your crown chakra energy and allows more divine energy to come into you. It is also very stimulating colour for your spiritual energies.

At one point I painted my room in olive green colour also, because green colour is healing colour. When you see an aura of a person, who is undergoing treatment, on the energy level the aura will be green in colour. So that is very healing colour and is the colour of the heart chakra also.”

Colours, energy and vibrations

Each colour has a different vibration and energy. If you see a colour wheel and you rotate it fast, it appears white.

But as it is going down then you will see the colours which appear in the order of their frequency. The lowest frequency being red and the highest frequency , violet - these also correlate to the seven chakra colours in our body.

Colours do have an energy, they do have a vibration and these vibrations do affect us on the emotional level also.

Colours that work on different planes

On the physical plane, green and light blue can be considered as restful. Orange is revitalizing and red stimulates— that’s why in restaurants they use red because it stimulates our hunger and the desire to eat.

On the emotional plane sky blue and turquoise are restful. Peach is revitalizing and orange is stimulating. So suppose somebody is going through a very low energy, then peach will help them, and some somebody needs some motivation then orange can help them.

On the mental plane indigo is very very restful and emerald green revitalizes. That’s why most hospitals prefer to use more of green. And yellow stimulates the mind. It is very good for students to have some bright yellow flowers or objects on their study table for them to be alert and focused to study well.

On the spiritual plane blue is very restful and is a healing colour. Gold revitalizes, and is a very powerful colour. Violet and purple stimulate and connect you to the spiritual energies.

This, in a nutshell, is the impact of colours. The study of colours and their impact is a vast and interesting topic. This feature attempts to provide only a brief point of view to inspire more thought sharing and discussions.


The color pink has been found to have palliative effects on people It's for this reason that many sports teams paint the visiting team's locker room pink.


Next time you’re at a fast food restaurant, take note of the color scheme. Most of them will be red, orange or yellow, which are colors that generally make people feel energized, happy and hungry.