The brand advocates and lives by trust and transparency.

It’s believes in a Zen-like attitude and appreciates Japanese aesthetics - especially the profound Wabi Sabi philosophy - where there is beauty in all things, perfectly crafted or pieced together as nature intended.

Here, the glass wall talks of transparency. The wabi-sabi silver grey wall paper with a brick wall finish and gold highlights reflects class and a mature professionalism. The wooden tangram style finger jointed wall cladding is reusable.

The carpet is not fixed as is common - it is laid to lend itself for relocation. Light lets itself in through the geometric, yet asymmetric frosting on the glazed wall.

Wabi Sabi is a philosophy of life ; a way of living and perceiving the world, with the aim of peacefully accepting the natural cycle of growth , change and regrowth inherent in life. This workspace is a subtle reflection of this truth.