in Glass



Sheer glass, frosted glass, etched and patterned glass, layers of light in and light out…

Geometry to lend drama.. Mobile Racks and hanging artefacts along with oblique lines create dynamic movement While the glass conveys the ethos of integrity and transparency of the business.

Thanks to a happy, discerning customer, we have in place a job well orchestrated and a happy, harmonious workplace in full swing!

Glass and geometry close in on the corridor and seem to open up endless, infinite possibilities.

An entire glazed wall aligned obliquely. Dramatic and daring, this aesthetic effect required a high degree of skills, precision and expertise to get it right and reinforce it for utmost safety.

Glazed wall with its geometry and subtle visuals add light and a sense of space to the neat, smart and compact pantry.

Glazed vertical surfaces and minimalistic furniture give this space an air of infinite possibilities. The geometry artistically conveys clean lines and neat framework befitting legal services