Celebrity of the Month

In Conversation with Michael Foley

If not a designer, what would you have become?

My aspirations would have led me to pursue architecture.

Any moment you have regretted your career choice?

None at all, I treat design as my second nature!

What would you say is your favourite project?

The Commonwealth Games Queens Baton design — it was about collective pride for everyone who worked on it.

What is the common thread across all or most of your designs?

Distilled simplicity, sometimes we can’t achieve that with every commissioned project but the drive is to use the least to express a lot.

Why industrial design ? What’s the pull?

The affinity to industrial design is because of its multi-dimensional perspective. Innovation can come in experience, form, process and material; which is quite dynamic.

What is your favourite material?

I’m most comfortable with paper, it’s a material one can use in so many ways to express ideas.


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