While in Lockdown I heard on TV a famous quote : ‘ The best use of imagination is ART and the worst use of imagination is STRESS’. This truly resonated with me and I can honestly say that I have put this to use as never before. Covid Art is the resultant collection of my inspired paintings.

I have for the past several years believed that nothing pleases me more than supporting charities through my art in India, UK and USA - CRY, Child Guidance Centre, Head Injury Foundation, Soshit Seva Sangh to name a few. On this occasion too, the proceeds (form ) from Corona Art have been pledged to PM CARES fund during this unprecedented Covid crisis.

The following is a touching sentiment from a friend who purchased my first piece when she wrote, “ I want to support her (Manju Sinha) in her mission to help people through her art, this will always remind me of all that people do to help others in need.” Hope my collection speaks to you as well.