An Award Winning Project : a crèche at Lemon Graz - an RWD project

What goes into a child’s space? Well, the list can be colourful and most interesting.

Cheerful and vibrant colours. Light and airy ambiance. Pleasing accessories, comfortable and ergonomically appropriate furniture, right heights, depths and more…

While the shopping list can be fun, the checklist of dos and taboos is equally important.

Paints and materials used must be non-toxic. Finishes must be smooth and safe. Brittle and fragile materials are best avoided. Glaring lights and blaring sounds are definitely out. Electrical outlets and equipment need to be safely out of reach.

Cheerful surfaces, comfortable play and work areas, cool, light and airy spaces. These were top of mind when we designed a dream creche at Lemongraz - a design that was given the Dream Catchers Award.

Any wonder that both D’Studio of its design and IIPL for its execution both bagged the Dream Catchers awards!

Here’s a quick glance into an enchanting space for little children.

The vibrant story walls talk to the child, and, to its caregivers too, with vibrant scenes to stimulate the senses to the right degree. Specially chosen foam layered carpets that are easy to maintain provide comfort and safety along with the most important hygiene aspect.

Chalk board walls that invite little people to doodle and draw at the height most convenient to them, ensure that creativity is not curbed by adult-fetishes to keep little fingers off the walls. The colours, fabric, surfaces, ceiling, lighting and carefully chosen toys all come together to create a crèche dreams are made of.

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