The heights of surprise!
And a birthday gift to cherish...
by Team DS

Long long ago, in 2011, our chief and mentor, Praneeta walked into Hardware studio and saw exciting new possibilities - fittings that could bring Scandinavian style into Indian homes. Her heart was set on creating Ikea-like pieces along with chic Indian styles. New trends and compact furniture in the market reiterated the fact that times were indeed changing. Casual chats, the evolution of D Studio and many milestones later, it was Feb 20, 2020 -- and a day to remember!

The new age proverb says, ‘Sitting is the new smoking’. Agile and scrum meetings are IN. Stand in conferences, quick meetings and get-togethers in office spaces are a norm. Days of long sleepy meetings are behind us.

Isn’t it time, then,  to take the table to great heights?

Team DS decided to surprise Praneeta on her birthday. Yes, Feb 20th. For a fortnight, we had been sneaking stuff and giggling our way in and out of office, struggling to create something that she would not notice. Easy? Not really - given the hub of continuous activity our office usually is, and Praneeta’s hands-on approach at work! But, Hardware Studio, our sister concern, came to our support with the right fittings and guidance.

And yes, we made it!

The happy smile on Praneeta’s face was the best compliment ever to team DS!