My Terrace World

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My Terrace World
Chitra Paul

We luv cool, summer spaces. To each, their own. A shady nook, a comfy hammock, a breezy verandah or perhaps, a green lush terrace garden…

Let’s take a stroll with Chitra Paul. She has a pretty personal haven and an interesting take on life and her surroundings.

A warm April morning I sat in my terrace garden for an hour of quiet-time, doing nothing. The only sound was that of squirrels and crows, absent was the usual human cacophony.  

All indoors, all quarantined! COVID19 the beast had arrived. Worry I did, over the unknown tomorrow, till the quietness and beauty of my garden hit me. The brilliant bougainvillea of varied hues, the tropical flowers that thrive in the heat and the water lily that opens every morning. 

I looked around as a butterfly flitted from flower to flower and a couple of bees assaulted the brightly colored blossoms. The Guppies in the water lily pond swam aimlessly.  The Copper Pod tree in the street that spills over my terrace in full bloom, noiselessly shedding its golden beauty with every breeze to form an ephemeral carpet. Upon an Adenium plant a noisy honeybird perches, restless, flapping its wings and…. gone in a flash.

Look at us, look at us, nature seems to urge, while its life ebbs away. And look I did, taking in my Garden of Eden. It dawned achingly on me that this will be my last Chennai summer, for a long while at least. Across the oceans I will be travelling to settle in Canada. Plans made and remade, packing commenced, things sold and suddenly Covid 19 hit the world.

Crisis descended with vengeance and fury, the shroud of uncertainty and fear spreads its tentacles. All plans blown away in the wind.

But powerful lessons from these times have I imbibed. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never be mine. Show me the way one day at a time. Nothing can I change except my attitude of viewing and reacting to this calamity.

Realignment of mind and habits has commenced. Counting my blessings daily instead of whining. Today and this moment is mine to live a content life even if it is indoors. Joy in simple things – quizzes, puzzles, books and board games.

Summer of 2020 forever etched in my mind, when the beast emerged and we shuddered.

Unbridled questions, doubts and fears raged on. Stop screamed the mind, focus on today, accept the uncertainty and wait for a better tomorrow.

So, to my Terrace World I retreat for inspiration and strength for the day where no problems seem too great and gloom keeps away.

All geared to face the day with the heart filled with hope for tomorrow remembering what Victor Hugo said “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise”.

Grow Pandan leaves and Lemon Grass in containers and change your food and beverage experiences forever!

8 thoughts on “My Terrace World

  1. Auguries of Innocence
    To see a World in a Grain of Sand
    And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
    Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
    And Eternity in an hour.

    Loving where you live is so important. Love your garden Chitra. @ Chitra Paul

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