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Here’s a quick and fragrant survey –

Who loves subtle fragrances?
Who doesn’t? Don’t we all?

Who loves pretty incense holders?
Again, don’t we all??

But then, who loves clearing and cleaning the ash debris that falls off the incense sticks, on and around the stand – much like our people throw garbage around, and not IN to the bin?

Hmmm. Who does!!! Eeeeow etc.

Yes, much as we love the wafting fragrances that pervade our homes or work spaces, for religious rituals or life style practices like aromatherapy et al, the ash nuisance is universal. Right?

Presenting this May, a product that may change your home and habitat –

The Venezuelan Incense Stand from Auroville – yes. An ingenious design that gathers the ash debris into itself for neat disposal!

Check out the image.
Do you see the ‘cork’ or plug? And the incense sticks stuck into it? Yes. Light up, place upside down into the beautifully crafted earthen bottle shaped holder. And Voila! Your ash spills inside the container. Unplug, tip over and empty the ash! Simple, right?

Priced at 985/- INR, these earthy, ecofriendly incense holders come in pleasant hues and tints. Pastels to bolds, plain or with intriguing designs that only pottery can offer, these are handcrafted and therefore value for money.

Gift yourself a few this summer. Be prepared to give away to friends who exercise the privilege to grab and go! Stock up on gifts while stocks last!

Product we love
https://www.aurov 63/incenses/venez uelan-incense- holder-classic.html

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