Rice Mandi

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Tough choices for an easy life…

Who doesn’t like online shopping, plenty of choices and no tension of commute? Yes. Door delivery is the new normal, and our food and beverage supplies also are now a click away! But who hasn’t missed the pleasure of touch and feel and the joy of deciding your purchase using the senses of touch, smell and taste when it come to food staples?

Enter, a happy hybrid. The DS team is proud to have been associated with the planning of a space with a cause and comfort. A space that connects conventional business to the contemporary consumer. Rice Mandi. A chat with Dr. Somasundaram takes you back in time when staples like Rice and lentils were purchased in bulk from ‘mandis’ and carefully stored for annual consumption.

The Mandi is back in the limelight , even as Alibabas, Ubers and shared assets like Air B n Bs are ruling the roost. An idea with a social cause as a subtle backdrop, Entrepreneurial women offer 10 x10 rooms for a Rice Mandi display centre. Happy customers walk in and sample the assortment and decide their needs. A spot order, a phone call later on or an online order and your purchase will be door delivered!

Chettinadu styled interiors give this space a warm and vibrant feel- right from athangudi tiled floors to period furniture and earthen urns to store grains bring in nostalgia with a contemporary twist.

Take a look at a graphic view of typical Rice Mandi display centre, soon coming to your neighbourhood or close by.

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